Collaborate With Us

Requirements To Collaborate :

** You must be a student at a designated, Canadian Post Secondary Institution **

What To Do :

Step 1 : Create a meaningful piece / design in your medium of choice.

Step 2 : Briefly describe your creation in writing. Please include the inspiration for your work.

Step 3 : Take multiple, clear pictures of your work at different angles. Please make sure your work is well lit in your pictures.

Step 4 : Send the pictures of your work and student ID, as well as your brief, written description of the art to

** Guaranteed $100 For Every Approved Collaboration + an approved Cash commission for every item we sell from the collaboration **

** Each Collaboration Is Available On The Store For Only 21 Days **


Please Note : Your work will be put to a vote by our email subscribers and social media followers. Only club favourites will be approved and printed.